Influenster #FrostyVoxBox Review

influenster ForstyVoxBox For those of you who are unfamiliar with influenster, it’s an online network that’s free to join. And, it’s Awesome! Basically, you fill out surveys and complete reviews to earn and boost your “badge scores” in different areas. My badges, are in Makeup, Dining Out, Travel, Outdoors, and Decorating. It definitely helps to have a social media presence, as posting via social media networks can work wonders to increase your scores. Based on your badge scores and other info like demographics, you may qualify for a “VoxBox.” It’s a completely FREE box of products for you to test and review. How cool is that? I recently received the Frosty VoxBox to review2014-12-28 16.15.27Here’s the first look at the contents of the Frosty VoxBox:2014-12-28 15.33.15And, a breakdown of the individual items included.


EcoTools Hair Brush: $10.99 – EcoTools hair brushes are designed with unique features that leave your head and hair happy and healthy.

  • Impressions: I received the Full Volume Styler Hair Brush. Though this brush looks like it is good quality, and is certainly a substantial brush, it is just not the right type of brush for my particular type of hair. I have extremely curly hair, which by no means needs any help in the volume department (if anything, it needs to be tamed). This type of brush is better suited to longer, straighter hair then mine. I may keep an eye out for the other brushes in this line and see if I can find one more appropriate for me. I’m thinking their Smoothing Detangler Hair Brush would be a better bet for me.

FrostyVoxBox_RimmelRimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover: $7.49 – Gently removes all eye makeup, including long lasting and waterproof makeup, with no oily residue.

  • Impressions: I was actually really happy to receive new eyemakeup remover. I had been running low and needed to purchase a new bottle. Influenster saved me the trip!  I had not tried this brand before, and was pleased at how easy it was to remove the waterproof makeup I was wearing. It’s good quality for the price.

Rimmell Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner: $4.49 – Gives instant colour impact with its high intensity pigments. It also has an ultra smooth and creamy formula which glides on easily.

  • Impressions: This was another product I was happy to receive. I love creamy eyeliners, and am always happy to try a new one.  This one went on really easily, didn’t smudge throughout the day, and didn’t tug at the eyelid during application. It was also super easy to sharpen, which is a bonus for eyeliners (as they can be tricky sometimes). At this price point, it may be a new fave. It also looks like they have a wide range of other colors I may have to try out.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum: $1.99 – This is a new lipstick line from NYC. It’s availabl in twenty different shades. It claims intense, amplified color and shine that lasts up to six hours.

  • Impressions: It’s a pretty shade, and I’ll definitely use it. But, it doesn’t quite live up to claim that it lasts up to six hours. I had a hard time getting it to last two…


No7 Protect & Perfect Intense ADVANCED Sachet: Full sized would be $29.99 – This clinically proven serum is even more effective at reducing the appearance of deep lines & wrinkles, for younger looking skin in two weeks.

  • I received a sample sized sachet of this product. And though the texture and consistancy was nice, I received far too little product to accurately speak to its long term effectiveness.  I wish the sample size had been substantial enough for me to give an accurate review.


Fruit Vines Bites: $1.79 – These are a new, soft, chewy fruit candy, available in two fruit flavors – strawberry, and cherry.

  • These are supposed to be low fat and made with no preservatives which I can definitely appreciate. They actually had pretty good flavor, and I’ll definitely pick them up again. Maybe next time I’ll try Strawberry.FrostyVoxBox_McCormick_Thyme

McCormick Gourmet Thyme: $4.79 – McCormick Gourmet’s Thyme imparts a light minty flabor that is distinctively warm and aromatic.

  • I’ve used a lot of McCormick spices before, and love cooking with thyme.  This was a full sized bottle, and I am positive we will use it all up. In my experience, thyme is great in turkey dishes, potato dishes, and most soups. It was a great addition to the Frosty VoxBox, expecially with the holiday theme.

Overall impressions of the Froxty VoxBox? I thought this was a great box to get, and so far I have had a great experience with Influenster. I found a few products that I really like, and probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise. Unfortunately, my box was missing one thing – a Celestial Tea sample, so I was unable to try that and review it. I may still go purchase a box with the included coupon, just to make sure I can complete the brand badge for this product. The value of this box was pretty awesome too, even with the missing tea sample. The #FrostyVoxBox contains about $29.00 worth of products and coupons, and it was completely free! Are you on Influenster? Have you received a VoxBox yet?

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from influenster. All opinions are my own.