June 2014 Nicely Noted Review

I don’t know about you, but lately I’ve been feeling like things need to slow down a little. Our world is so digital, and so instant that I worry we’re loosing track of the joys of things that take a while. E-Books are convenient and easy, yes, but they eliminate the joy of going to the bookstore, buying an actual book, feeling its weight in your hands, and turning it’s pages. I think letter writing is suffering the same fate. We all have our email at our fingertips, but when was the last time you actually received a handwritten note in the mail? A just-because note, a thank you, a congrats, a get well soon…In my opinion, the sentiment just goes over more sincerely when you take the time to actually write it down, stamp it and drop it in the post. Think about it, when was the last time you actually sent a letter or a quick note? For me, it was two years ago when I was sending thank-you’s from our wedding.

I’m determined to write more letters.

Enter Nicely Noted. Nicely Noted is a stationary subscription service that delivers a curated collection of letterpress cards and stamps to your mailbox every month. Each month you receive three letterpress notecards, and stamps to accompany your letters. It costs $20/month and is a recurring subscription.

Here’s what I received in my June 2014 Nicely Noted shipment.


Each shipment seems to be loosely themed. This month neon orange seemed to be the running thread. I thought that it was a great variety of cards this month, and I definitely see my self using all the cards. I also think it’s an awesome perk that they also send along postage stamps so you don’t have to worry about that.

I definitely think this subscription is a great idea, and you can even give Nicely Noted gift subscriptions to like-minded friends (a gift subscription starts at $40 for two months). ¬†For me, this isn’t necessarily about the actual dollar value of the subscription. Individual letterpress cards that you can find elsewhere typically run between $5-$6 apiece, so you aren’t saving much here. This subscription is all about the curation, being introduced to independent small letterpress operations, and the fun of receiving a beautiful shipment!

Will you give Nicely Noted a shot? When was the last time you sent or received some good old-fashioned snail mail?