Influenster hello VoxBox Review

For those of you who are unfamiliar with influenster, it’s an online network that’s free to join. And, it’s Awesome! Basically, you fill out surveys and complete reviews to earn and boost your “badge scores” in different areas. My primary badges, are in Makeup, Dining Out, Travel, Outdoors, and Decorating. It definitely helps to have a social media presence, as posting via social media networks can work wonders to increase your scores. Based on your badge scores and other info like demographics, you may qualify for a “VoxBox.” It’s a completely FREE box of products for you to test and review. How cool is that? I recently received the Hello VoxBox, which is a brand focused box featuring hello’s naturally friendly toothpaste and mouth care products.

Here’s a look at the contents of the hello VoxBox: HelloVoxBoxProducts
I was actually pretty happy to get this box, as I’m always interested in trying out new natural products. And, coincidently, my household had just run out of toothpaste (seriously, we ran out the morning this box showed up in the mail), so it couldn’t have arrived at a better time.



The box included the following hello products:

  • Two tubes of hello’s naturally friendly anticavity toothpaste in pink grapefruit mint and mojito mint flavors.
  • Two containers of hello’s naturally friendly supermint and pink grapefruit mint breath sprays.
  • One toothbrush.

I was most excited to try the toothpaste. I’d like to think I’m a pretty open-minded person when it comes to trying new things, so I opened up the Grape Fruit Mint tube first. I have to say the first three or four times I used it I was convinced it was the grossest combination of flavors ever. But honestly, over the last week or so it has grown on me, and now I actually kind of like it. Lets call it an acquired taste. The mojito mint flavor is a much more traditionally mint flavor. As for its effectiveness? It does the job, and my teeth feel very clean afterward. Bonus points for being free from preservatives, dyes, triclosan, microbeads and artificial sweeteners.

I’ve seen these hello breath sprays before, but had never purchased or used the product before receiving this box. It again, does the job. The nice thing about these sprays, that make them stand apart from other similar products, is that there is not any of the usual sting and artificial taste of the standard breath sprays. They are free from alcohol, dyes, and artificial sweeteners. I love that!

The toothbrush is, well…a toothbrush. It’s not the best toothbrush I’ve ever used, but again, along with the brands identity it gets bonus points for being made in the USA and is made partially with recycled materials.

Overall impressions of the hello VoxBox? I thought this was a great box to get, and so far I have had a great experience with Influenster. I love being introduced to new brands, and I will probably continue to purchase the hello products, especially the toothpaste. The box also included a $1 Target coupon, which I will probably use to try out the brand’s mouthwash (it wasn’t included in the box). I found a few products that I really like, and probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Are you on Influenster? Have you received a VoxBox yet?

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from influenster. All opinions are my own.


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