August 2014 MeUndies Review

Disclaimer: This post contains referral links. 

We received our monthly MeUndies subscriptions in the mail a few weeks ago, so admittedly I’m a little late on posting this (sorry). Is it weird that I’m always this happy to receive underwear in the mail?

At this point I sound like a broker record, but MeUndies are the best underwear ever! Seriously. If you don’t believe me just order a pair.

I should clarify, that you don’t actually have to “subscribe,” to try out a pair or two. You can totally buy as many pair as you want straight off their website, without subscribing. But, if you do love them then you can subscribe, get a pair auto shipped to you every month, and get a discount off the per pair price ($16 for subscribers versus $20 for non subscribers).

Both my husband and I subscribe to MeUndies. You have a choice of getting the color of the month, or selecting which color you actually want. They release the new color of the month on the 1st of every month and ship around the 5th, so you have a few days to decide what you want. For August, I selected the color of the month again, and my husband selected one of their standards – black. I think it’s kind of funny that my husband doesn’t ever pick the color of the month, but I guess I also understand why some guys wouldn’t want to walk around wearing polka dot briefs, lol.

Here’s what we got in our August MeUndies shipment. As you can see, this month they included a fun pair of wayfarer style sunglasses to match their color of the month! I’m glad that I picked the color of the month, because I’m not sure if I would have received this extra if I hadn’t.


The Box: MeUndies

Cost: $16.00 for subscribers ($20 for non-subscribers)

What You Get: A pair of underwear shipped to you once a month. (My husband and I each have a subscription, but we have them under the same name/account so they bill and ship together).

Ships to: Everywhere!

Shipping Cost: FREE for orders shipped to the U.S. or Canada/ $12 shipped to anywhere else

Referral Program –  Share your link via email, Facebook, or twitter and give your friends 20% off. You receive $20 every time they buy.



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